What is Online Cricket Betting ?

What is Online Cricket Betting ?

Cricket is without a doubt the king in India, in the sense that it is the most anticipated and overwhelmingly dominant sport in the country.

Online Cricket Betting vs Traditional Betting

Cricket is without a doubt the king in India, in the sense that it is the most anticipated and overwhelmingly dominant sport in the country. Recent estimates show that at least 80% of India’s sports betting market is cricket-based, with cricket betting turnovers expected to reach USD100 billion based on how the sport has become an intrinsic cultural trait of the majority of players in urban and small-town betting communities in the country, according to an ENV Media report on sports betting.

There are about 140 million regular punters in the country, which can potentially increase to an estimated 370 million bettors during major sporting events, the report noted. This can translate to as much as USD150 billion annual turnover. Despite this, traditional sports betting operates underground given how state governments refuse to regulate the rapidly growing industry.

Advantages of Online Cricket Betting

The times are changing, and in today’s digital-first world, even betting is going the online route. The growing popularity of cricket betting has paved the way for many online betting sites that not only offer the best betting options but also makes the playing experience secure and safe for users.

Online cricket betting offers many advantages compared to the traditional underground sportsbooks. The popular and trustworthy online betting platforms not only have a huge variety of betting markets, but they are also safe and secure and are regulated in the sense that they hold offshore gambling licenses. They are also convenient and easy to use, allowing players to place bets from anywhere at any time. Not only that, but these sites feature trusted payment methods that make it easy to deposit and withdraw money.

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India ?

Put simply, betting on the sport of cricket is still considered illegal in the country despite the wide popularity of cricket. There is already a thriving online betting market in India, which has prompted many arrests although they have yet to result in prosecutions. As a result, industry stakeholders and operators have been relentlessly calling on the government to take a modern approach on how to oversee the sector, which, if utilized correctly, will open more economic opportunities for the country. Given how wildly popular cricket, among the many sporting events, in India at the moment, it makes sense for the government to harness the wins that a regulated online betting sector will bring to the state coffers.


With so many opportunities for betting on cricket, it makes sense to prepare so you can enjoy the betting opportunities on any cricket match you watch. This can be via engaging in fun online cricket betting activities, which, if done right and through trusted and safe platforms, can be an enjoyable experience that perfectly complements the beyond popular sport of cricket. With the rapidly growing number of betting platforms available today, it makes sense to do a bit of research before placing a bet on your first cricket match this year.

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