The Best Of India Card Games to Play

The Best Of India Card Games to Play

If you are looking forward to playing card games online in India, here are the famous options that should be on your consider to play.


Whether you play cards online or offline, Rummy is generally on the top of the consideration list of card gaming enthusiasts. The aim is to arrange cards from the same suit in sequences and cards of the same rank from different suits in sets. This card game is incredibly popular among the Indians and is an integral part of family gatherings and friends’ get-togethers. The advent of online Rummy has taken it a step ahead as people can play it from anywhere at any time by virtually connecting with friends and family.


This list would be incomplete without poker included – the card game that needs no introduction. This combination of betting and strategising keeps the players highly entertained throughout. The game aims to earn the best possible hand using your two private cards and five public cards. There are several variations of this game, including 3-card poker, seven-card stud poker and 5-card poker to name a few. Poker card games are fast-paced, easy to learn and exciting to play along with the ability to hone your mental skills.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, a simplified version of poker, is often referred to as the Indian Poker. This game is inspired by 3-Card Brag, a famous British card game. You can play Teen Patti with up to five players. Each set consists of an open card and two closed cards, and each player gets three cards. The players have to meld their cards into any one of the different combinations that have various rankings, including Trail or Set, Sequence, Pure Sequence, Pair, Colour and High Card. Almost every online casino offers Teen Patti in its collection of card games.

Satte Pe Satta

Satte Pe Satta, also referred to as 7-on-7, is another popular card game among the Indians. 3-8 players play it. The player who gets the 7 of hearts begins the game. The following player gets a chance to play if he has 6 of hearts of 8 of hearts. If not, the turn goes to the next player. This way, the game goes on when a seven belonging to any other suit is laid. It unlocks the process for that colour. The player who finishes all the cards first is the winner.

The Indian card gaming enthusiasts have always given a special place to card games. They love to connect with other people through card games to socialise, and the card game portals have made this much easier for them now. If you are new to card games, find a reputed casino portal and try your hand at any of these and you will soon realise how interesting they can be.

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