Five Things to Avoid at Poker Games

Five Things to Avoid at Poker Games

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. The famous Bond movie “Casino Royale” used the game to effectively pit the hero against the villain. The antes, ups, calls, and folds of the 2006 movie added to the drama, which even after more than a decade, continues to awe moviegoers and inspire poker players. As both Bond and Le Chiffre refused to back down, heartbeats of the people watching the movie stopped and sped up with each move. But that is the fictional world.

In real life, when you play poker online, you may not stand a chance to become a master player like Bond, but you should know the five things to avoid at poker games.

String Betting

String betting is when the player has made a bet and continues to move back and forth from the chips stack to the pot at the centre to complete the bet. For example, if you have intended to bet $60 and move three stacks of $20 one at a time, it is called a string bet.

This action causes problems to other players during live play, as they do not get clarity on the size of the bet you are making. To avoid this confusion, announce the size of your bet before you move your chips.

Acting out of turn

Acting out of turn means playing your turn before your chance. It lets other players gauge your cards and change their move accordingly. Online poker software makes it impossible for players to act out of turn. However, when you are playing live poker, there is no such restriction and so many new players end up acting out of turn.

You should always pay attention to the game and know when it is your turn. Usually, players with a strong hand are most likely to act out of turn, because of the eagerness to make their move. Your early reaction may help others guess your hand. This will affect their future moves.

Avoid getting distracted while playing

Most people like to multitask, and so, you can find them reading something on their phones, listening to music or even watching movies, especially when they are playing live poker online.

Poker experts suggest it is best not to engage in other recreational activities while playing live poker. If you pay more attention to the game, you will not miss important information to help you with your future moves. You should watch your opponents and look for ticks or tells which let you know if the other players have a weak or strong hand.

Do not play recklessly

While bluffing is essential to win at poker, it is more important to read the room and estimate what the other players have before betting. If in the first round itself you have three random cards it is obvious, that your chances of winning are low. But, if you have a pair or a suit, then your chances of winning, and winning big, increase.

You do not have to raise the bet every time you play, use the option to fold, so that you can increase your chances of leaving with a tidy profit.

Never play beyond your budget

Always play responsibly and never play beyond your limits. Live poker sites offer different bets where you could choose your game as per your budget. Knowing your limit and sticking to a budget ensures you stay in action at a poker table for longer time and increase the probability of winning.

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